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Transformation at Solitaire Fitness

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Before Transformation
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After Transformation

Transformation at Solitaire Fitness

So how far would you go to get fit? What price would you pay to lose 20% body fat? Yes body fat! Not weight! I learnt this only after I joined Solitaire, that you measure your transformation on the basis of fat % and not weight. (Thanks to Imran Sir).

Let me take you through my journey here in few words. 

My Cousin who lives near by this gym dragged me to workout here. A gym so far from my place. In the beginning, I was not fully sure though TBH. But then, as soon as I reached the counter, I met Imran Sir. That was my first encounter of comfort in the gym. The feeling of assurance was slowly setting in. It felt home, as I always have been a big fan of Imran Sir. ( He used to workout in a pretty iconic gym in Mehdipatnam where I used to just accompany my Cousin during my early teens). 
Following that, the enrolment process was smooth. The plans were explained and laid out to me very clearly. I liked the prompt service. Gradually I saw the equipment, and was stunned to see so much equipment and my favourite bit - the open area! That’s where Imran Sir and other coaches trained me in their unique way, mixing traditional weight lifting exercises with functional compound movements. 

Long story short, here I am in front of you after dropping 18 kilos of pure fat ( from 108 to 89), and the journey is still on. Mind you this is after all our unavoidable Hyderabaadi chhilla, chhatti, shaadi ki daawatein!!  (You know how difficult it is to avoid these “daawatein” in joint families).

Essentially if you wish to enjoy high end gym facility at an affordable price with expert coaches, then Solitaire is the place to be. So if you wish to transform and shine like a Solitaire, then this is it. 

~Mohammed Muzammil.