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Exercise And Fasting

Is It good to exercise while Fasting ?

Can I Exercise While Fasting?
Yes, it is OK to work out while fasting because the key to weight loss and muscle gain is not just calories and exercise, but hormone optimization. If you are planning to quit your exercise routine during Ramadan, think again. Experts are of the opinion that exercise and fasting can go together. We bring you some benefits & tips on how to maintain your workout plans while you fast during the holy month.

Exercise And Fasting

For those who have been reluctant to exercise during Ramadan, the news is it's completely healthy to work out while you fast. Exercising and fasting can go together without causing any harm to the body. Exercise while fasting may actually keep our brain, neuro-mortors and muscle fibres biologically young.

"When we exercise during fasting, it essentially forces our body to shed fat, as our body's fat burning processes are controlled by sympathetic nervous system, which in turn is activated by exercise and lack of food,"

"One must not stop exercising during Ramadan. It helps to keep control of weight and stay healthy." 

What are the best times for exercise?

Fitness experts suggests exercising after the Taraweeh prayers at the night. It is a time when adequate meals and water is consumed to help during workout. One can consume juices and other liquids during the workout too. Some exercises can also be done after breaking the fast or just before Suhur.

"Exercising an hour before breaking the fast gives you the flexibility of eating within short span. It rejuvenates the body immediately"

What kind of exercise should be done?

After a light iftar, ensure that you have consumed enough fluids and then engage in light cardio exercises. You can follow a brisk 20 minute walk on the treadmill. Some strengthening exercises two muscles groups a day, lower body strengthening like squats, lunges and sit ups with moderate cardio.